JP Historic Motorsport

A small Belgian Oldtimer and rally garage. If you want a nice and fast car with an amazing down to earth service. Look no further!

From restoring a road car to creating a full blown rally monster. JP can do it all!

A Front view of the red Ford Escort mk2 Rs2000 from Jp Historic Motorsport.


Restoring cars from A to Z. Any brand, any old car. No job is too small or to big for JP!

Rally/Race cars

Ever wanted your own rally or track car? JP will create your own monster of your wishes.

Rally/track service

While you are having the time of your life on the track. JP will take care of the rest.

The rear of JP's Ford Escort MK2 RS2000.

The red Ford Escort RS 2000 Group4

This is JP’s own car. He build this one from scratch.

You can’t imagine how many blood, sweat and tears have gone into this monster. This car is fully build according to the FIA rules.

This is a FIA approved vehicle and a hard to beat car in the rankings! Do you dare to take on this car in your own rally car? Get in contact and JP will build you one that is just as good!