All the cars are build in house. This means that JP gets a car, somethimes in very bad shape and starts to strip the car completely down to bare metal. When it’s stripped, he starts cutting the rotten and rusted parts out of the car. He welds and paint the car himself. After this he starts putting the engine and other various parts.

He truly makes the car from scrap to an awesome dirt warrior that beats the competion with ease.


Restoration from scrap.. JP builds, restores and maintains classic cars all in house. When the customer asks for an upgrade of the vehicle (better brakes, new engine,…) JP can make that happen. When asked, JP builds everything with matching numbers.

JP has over 30 years of experience with oldtimers mostly with the bodywork. This is truly re-markable craftsmanship. If you want to build a oldtimer? Don’t hesitate to reach out.



Want to go on track but you are worried that your track monster is not in shape? JP checks everything so that you can race with a safe feeling.

National, VAS and AZAF rally’s. JP Historic Motorsport also travels all over Europe for he’s clients.