All the cars are build in house.
This means that Jochen gets a car, somethimes in very bad shape and starts too strip the car completly down too bare metal. When it’s stripped he starts cutting the rotten and rusted parts out of the car. He welds and paint the car himself. After this he starts putting the engine and other various parts inside the vehicle. He truly makes the car from crap too an awesome dirt warrior that beats the competion with ease.

Jochen races in rally but most of the times he’s maintaining rally cars that are driving at that moment. When he can go to a rally he goes , nothing is stopping him from not going. At the moment he usually works on National, VAS and AZAF rally’s. JP Historic Motorsport also travels all over Europe for he’s clients.

The red Ford Escort RS 2000 Group4 This is JP’s own car. He build this one from scratch. You can’t imagine how many blood, sweat and tears have gone into this monster. This car is fully build according too the FIA rules.