JP Historic Motorsport

Hi and welcome too the website of JP Historic Motorsport. This garage is a one man operation. Jochen Platton builds rally and circuit cars. When he’s done with these full build race cars he creates oldimers with an unbelievable eye for details.

The Garage

Jochen has more than 20 years of experience.
He’s is completly mad about Ford’s and Porsche’s but he loves and builds all kinds of cars. If it has four wheels he will race it. When he is not racing on the rally track he is maintaining the cars that are racing on the go. When he’s done with racing for that day he gets back too the garage and starts working on the next car.


Niko Van der Auwera

"Great people, allot of experience!!!! I recommend them."

Lester Dubplate Michiels

"Ford Escort Specialist!"

Thierry Willeaume

"The Best!!!"

Geoffrey Colle

"Service au top"